Hoist-Rite® Spreader Beams

Versatility is a critical attribute when comparing which products to buy for your business. Can a product be used in more than one situation? Since no single spreader beam design is right for every application, Neufab Specialty Fabricators has developed a line of spreader beams with versatility in mind. Our Hoist-Rite™ spreader beams leverage Neufab’s over 25 years of engineering, design and lifting experience.


Model 1622
The Hoist-Rite™ Model 1622

The Hoist-Rite™ Model 1622 spreader beam is the ideal solution for safely lifting large or expansive objects. Each end of the spreader beam adjusts outward from the center in one-foot increments, spanning from 16 feet to 22 feet. By making both ends adjustable, the 1622 remains more balanced than spreaders that use a single point of adjustment. This is because on the 1622 the heaviest section remains centered over the load, providing strength and support where it is needed most.

Designs that employ a single point of adjustment have one end that is heavier than the other, which can create an out-of-balance situation and can put undue stress on rigging components. When matched with Neufab’s Gripper™ Truss hooks, the 1622 becomes part of the perfect truss handling solution that is capable of quickly and safely handling even the largest of wood trusses.


Model No. Rated Capacity (lbs) Length (ft.) Adjustable Adjustment Increments Weight (lbs.)
1622 2400 16-22 YES 1 foot 140

Model 72
Multi-Lift Model 72

The Hoist-Rite™ Multi-Lift Model 72 spreader beam is designed for use when handling multiple trusses such as in a high volume, production-building environment. Rather than hoisting trusses into place singly, which can be a slow and tedious task, up to five, pre-spaced trusses can be hoisted at one time. Alternatively, framing crews can build roof subsections from the safety of the ground before flying the entire assembly swiftly into place in one easy motion. As the first subsection is being anchored in place, crewmembers on the ground can be assembling a second subsection. The resulting savings in man-hours can be significant.

The Multi-Lift spreader features mounting holes for industry-standard shackles and rigging spaced at both 16-inch and 24-inch intervals. Combine the Multi-Lift with a set of Model 1622 spreader beams and Gripper™ Hooks for the ultimate truss handling system that provides unmatched speed and safety. Such versatility increases the return on investment because it allows the Multi-Lift to be used on the complex roof designs of today and tomorrow.


Model No. Rated Capacity (lbs) Length (ft.) Adjustable Adjustment Increments Weight (lbs.)
ML72 9600 6 No N/A 100

Slip-N-Pin 60
Slip-N-Pin™ Model 60

The Slip-N-Pin™ Model 60 is a unique, adjustable spreader beam design that showcases the innovation and versatility found in all Neufab products. The spread of the Slip-N-Pin™ can be adjusted easily by removing the quick-release pins, aligning the movable end-caps with any one of the pre-set holes, and re-inserting the pin. In addition, the Slip-N-Pin™ is available in a variety of lengths to suit your application.

In its basic configuration, the Slip-N-Pin™ is great for general lifting purposes, or it can be paired with optional Gripper™ Truss Hooks, as shown above, to form a complete roof truss handling solution. The eyelets on the sliding end-caps have been engineered to accept industry standard shackles or Gripper™ Truss Hooks, and reconfiguration takes just seconds. The Gripper™ and Slip-N-Pin™ combination is ideal for safely handling small to mid-sized wood trusses.


Side view of sliding end showing direct attachment of optional Gripper™ Truss Hook

Model No. Rated Capacity (lbs) Length (ft.) Adjustable Adjustment Increments Weight (lbs.)
SNP60 6250 3-5 YES 6 inches 45
SNP96 5300 5-8 YES 6 inches 70
SNP120 4150 5-10 YES 6 inches 80
SNP138 3500 6-11 1/2 YES 6 inches 90