Gripper Truss Hook™ How-to

The Gripper Truss Hook™ includes:

  • Rafter hook with 3/8″ cable choker
  • Shackle with nut and cotter pin
  • Length of choker 4′ or 12′ based on application
  • Capacity per hook: 1200 lbs.


Rafter hooks can be used as a single unit (Fig. 1), tandem (Fig. 2), or in triple (Fig. 3) based on length of rafter.  When using multi-configuration, a spreader beam of proper length and capacity is required.  Consult truss rafter manufacturer for product weights. Rafter hook capacity:  1200 lbs.

Gripper Truss Hook illustrations

NOTE: Center cable is not attached to the spreader beam. The center truss hook is connected directly to the hoisting hook with adjustable rigging.

Equipment Usage

AlignmentEquipment usage is a simple 6 step procedure.

  • Slip hook under top cord of truss rafter in proper location.  Make sure unit alignment allows for a vertical pull.  (Fig. 4 and Fig. 5)
  • Pull spring pin knob to activate.
  • Raise rafter to location.
  • Secure rafter in place.
  • Pull release cable until spring pin locks hook open.
  • Lower hoist cable.

Service & Storage

  • Clean rafter hook by washing with water and mild detergent solution.
  • Wipe and blow dry.
  • Contact Neufeldt Industrial Services for service or repair.
  • Store equipment when not in use in a dry and clean environment.