The Gripper® Truss Hook

Invented, designed and manufactured by Neufeldt Industrial, the Gripper Truss Hook is a revolutionary way to handle wood roofing trusses. Used with Hoist-Rite Spreader beams, it saves you time, saves you money and reduces the safety risks inherent in truss placement.

Instead of the normal slings and rigging used to lift roof trusses into place, the Gripper uses its serrated teeth to grab hold of the truss, allowing it to then be lifted into place. When the truss is in place, a quick pull of the unlocking cable by a worker on the ground releases the truss. While the framing crew begins to anchor the truss, the crane operator can move on to the next truss.  The time and cost savings are enormous!

The Industry’s Most Advanced, OSHA Compliant, Truss Handling System

  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Protective Yellow Zinc Finish
  • 1200 lb. Load Capacity
  • 2400 lb. Tested Capacity
  • Heavy Duty Storage Container


The Gripper Truss Hook makes your bids more competitive by allowing to you work faster. You pay for less crane time, you pay for fewer workers at the top of the building and you reduce time lost to injuries. Those are real savings that give you a tremendous edge on your competition!